Electric Fencing


“An electric fence provides a physical barrier with a high voltage shock to keep intruders off your premises.”

In accordance with Act No.85 of 1993. Securiox only installs the highest quality, SABS approved electric fence systems. Whether you want  : a new system, a repair or a certificate of compliance.

Why use us?

at Securiox we strive on perfection and our workmanship is impeccable, our quality is guaranteed and we only install SABS approved electric fence components.

With Securiox your concerns about the safety of your staff and stock is in the past. we offer Maintenance on all electric fencing and any system installed by us will be installed in accordance with  Act No.85 of 1993 under the Labour department laws.


With Securiox you can be rest assured that you have the best of the industry and any work done on your premises is done with perfection.

Get it done by  SECURIOX a registered and accredited Installer!



Some of our clients and installations include:


Santo Domingo



Hamilton close

La Musique

Villa Bianca











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