Residential Complex Retainers

Securiox offers retainer agreements to residential complexes and office parks. These retainers include weekly, fourth-nightly, and/or monthly physical inspections that include reports on equipment that require attention, upgrades,repairs and predicted future maintenance on equipment such as:

  • Access Control (Bio-metrics, RFID, Licence Plate Recognition, Facial Recognition, Remotes, Keypads, Intercom Systems)
  • Mechanical (Swing and Sliding Gate Motors, Gate Wheels, Hinges, Booms, Turnstiles, Ground Spikes, Electronic Bollards)
  • Perimeter ( Surveillance Systems ie. CCTV, Electric Fencing, Perimeter Beams, Security Lighting)

All retainers include free emergency call-outs during working hours as well as after hours and public holidays that is covered by the retainer agreement, any equipment, or project that requires a quotation receives a discount. all call-outs are responded to within 24 hours. For More Information or to arrange for one of our consultants to assess the premises/equipment and supply you with a tailored retainer agreement proposal, please scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Residential Complex Retainer”

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Advantages Of a Retainer Agreement
  • Weekly/ Fortnight/ Monthly security system checking/maintaining and reporting.
  • Constant security checks and improvement suggestions
  • Same day/night emergency repairs
  • Comb-Communication intercom management, frees up Body Corporate management time
  • Camera footage retrieval/ incident sourcing and footage conversions.
  • Incident/damage reports for insurance claims submitted form a single trusted contractor
  • Proactively plan and budget for most aspects of essential maintenance
  • Easier to structure and justify levies
  • Limit unexpected large capital expenditures
  • Better quality control with a single contractor
  • Ease workload of Property Portfolio Manager
  • Free Body Corporate members to concentrate of Complex Management issues
  • More economical than hiring small individual maintenance jobs
  • Eliminations of costs associated with multiple small quotations
  • Contractor can plan better and therefore cut costs
  • Reduces security risks as only 1 contractor works on site
  • Less chance of residents making unauthorized alterations
  • Improved security to other residents to use known contractors
  • Consistency of work & recourse when problems occur
  • Regular maintenance has less impact on levies
  • More direct control by Body Corporate and Portfolio Manager over maintenance
  • Prompt execution of emergency maintenance
  • Free expert advice on maintenance
  • Preferential reaction to emergency repairs
  • Security-cleared and identifiable staff
  • Contractor sign board on complex wall allows residents to have an emergency contact number in case of entry/exit issues.
  • Sign board reduces risk of “fly by night” contractors to request work from residents.
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